Friday, 18 February 2011

You farted in Whole Foods - m4w - 30 (Boston)

From craigslist Boston. All that wholefood fibre can result in both unexpected flatulence and romance…

You were the tall brunette with the near-perfect body who farted in the bread section last night. I was the tall guy next to you who asked, "Was that you?" You quickly replied, "No! Wasn't me" and almost seemed insulted I would ask. As the stink grew, you continued to deny the flatulence, but it was evident. 

I tried to get rid of the stench by waving two loaves of ciabatta bread. You stormed off in an angry huff. You are beautiful, and even if you're a liar and fart like a Clydesdale, I'd love to meet up sometime.


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  1. Looks like someone has plagiarized the ad and run it on the Canadian site Kijiji in "Missed Connections":